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Central Jersey Volleyball
2004 Team Listings


2004 Team Listings
Winter League Form #1
Winter League Form #2

After 6 hours of try-outs and 2+ hours of deliberations, our coaching staff first selected 66 of the 84 candidates, and then through a draft system chose their teams. Many difficult decisions had to be made, and they wish to encourage everyone to try out again next year. Best wishes!
Here are the 2004 Teams:

Team #1 Coaches Godfrey & Jean-Marie

Melissa Rogers, Anne Liegel, Kathryn Slavin, Noreen Slavin, Heather Albrecht, Kelli Kaskiw, Katie DiMichele, Tracy Brewer, Erin Phillips, Melinda Espiritu, and Stephanie Blanc.

Team # 2 Coaches Bauer & Potochney

Jennifer Carvalho, Katie Baylock, Beth Haase, Maggie Majcher, Meghan Wischusen, Robin Streit, Sasha Sharif, Amanda Manganiello, Tiffany Kramer, Valerie Ziobro and Petra McKenzie.

Team # 3 Coaches J.Switzer & Chapman
Gabrielle Diogo, Christina Fuentes, Lindsay Wagenblast, Brittany Carrington, Olena Borkowski, Jessica Tobin, Kimberly Franko, Caroline L'Heureux, Melissa Cancillieri, Grace Sotomayor, and Erin Sisk.

Team # 4 Coaches K.Switzer & Muccilli

Christie Marcino, Sherly Jean-Charles, Cassandra Archer, JoAnna Poyssick, Megan Puschel, Tanya Jendrek, Julie Gilbertson, Rebecca Mejias, Christine Bausch, Joscelyn Chang, and Lesjahn Davis-Bey.

Team # 5 Coaches Babicz & Guida

Melissa Guida, Shira Weinstein, Amanda Aslan, Katie Hayeck, Lauren Sanchez, Lizzy Myers, Erin Gallageher, Stephanie Teixeira, Cara Givens, Mai Trinh, and Jennifer Babicz.

Team # 6 Coaches Seamon & Blanc

Melissa Savarese, Jessica Roland, Brigid McGovern, Holly Ahern, Marley Weaver, Jennifer Malfa, Stephanie Kitchell, Jessica Assaad, Anna Samchenko, Alexis Easley, and Jillian Olsen.

Your coaches will be contacting you shortly. Remember that the games begin on Thursday 1/8/04 (6-7 practice and 7-9pm games)and continue every Thursday thereafter for a total of 8 weeks. We expect the competition to be high level. Enjoy!
You each need to bring a check for $40 payable  to Rahway Recreation on Jan. 8th, to cover cost of gym usage, officials, shirts, etc. This is the only charge for the league.

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